Our Story

Welcome to Le Chique' Pawz Boutique! I am the proud dog mom to three forever puppies: Hugs & Kisses, two little Yorkies and Skippy, a little Maltese we rescued! These three fur babies are my inspiration for creating what I hope will be a unique online shopping experience for the pet patients who want to lavish their pet in luxury pet apparel and accessories that are affordable!

The Dream:

I've always  had a passion for fashion and dreamed of one day having an upscale women's boutique when I was a young woman. I wanted this little boutique with all the luxuries of the high end shops but without the price tag! The environment would be a luxurious and spa like atmosphere with plush interiors and lots of sparkles and bling! This is the feel I want to give you as you experience shopping for your fur babies at Le Chique Pawz Boutique! Imagine that you are going to the shopping plaza and strolling down the sidewalk looking into the window of the boutiques, then as you walk into the doors of the Le Chique' Pawz Boutique were you are greeted with fruit tray and tea (wine if you like) LOL!, so you can relax as you browse through the shop looking for the perfect item for your posh pup! So... grab your favorite food and beverage and shop online in the comfort  and safety of your home!

Le Chique' Pawz  translated means The Classy Paws! Your bad and boujee (bourgeois) pooch will enjoy the latest fashions and accessories that are sure to turn the tails of their canine pals! 

Hope you enjoy Le Chique' Pawz Boutique!